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The Proper Balance in Landscaping

At Kelli Green, we understand that you want landscaping that will continue to look beautiful. In response, we handle all of your needs from landscape design to lawn maintenance. Depend on us to perform services that enhance your home or business in Winter Springs, Florida, and areas within 20 miles.

Designed Lawn and Landscaping

An Appealing Look for Your Landscaping

Kelli Green provides a full complement of landscape design and lawn care services perfectly suited for your lifestyle. We use the latest in sustainable landscape design and environmentally secure practices to create the perfect environment for your home.

A Plan That Complements Your Property

The right landscape design begins with ideas and planning. Our design consultants work with your preferences and budget to come up with a look that showcases your property.

All plans and designs are generated with a 3-D modeling program. This allows you to see exactly how your home and yard will look.

We Put Every Component in Place

No landscaping project is out of our reach. From small residential to large commercial, we can install anything when it comes to landscaping. Our design and installation teams work together to give each property a distinctive look, bringing out its character and appeal.

Proper Care for Lasting Beauty

Enjoy your yard and be proud of it, too, with our help. We perform lawn care that keeps your yard healthy and blooming year-round.

From fertilizers and mulching to tree trimming and sprinkler maintenance, we know exactly what to do and when it needs to be done. When necessary, we reach out to other landscape professionals to provide you with the best care possible.

Commercial Area with Maintained Lawn

Our Portfolio

Over the years, Kelli Green has worked on hundreds of commercial and residential projects. Each of which enhanced our creativity as well as our knowledge of plants and design. From small flower gardens to commercial projects with large expansions and homes with distinct appeal, our portfolio shows exactly what we can do.

You can speak with one of our landscape specialists by calling our office at (321) 270-0866. Design consultations are available Monday through Friday, 7 to 5 and can meet you at your convenience.